Doing Business with the City of Kansas City, Missouri

About Procurement Services

We welcome the opportunity to work with contractors, services, suppliers and vendors. The Procurement Services Division issues Service Contracts, Design Professional Contracts, Small Construction Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, Facility Repair, Commodity, and Small Local Business Enterprise contracts.

Formerly known as "Purchasing and Supplies," the Procurement Services Division now includes two distinct groups working together to provide City departments with best-in-class procurement services. The division procures a wide range of commodities, services, construction and related services for capital improvements, facilities, repair and maintenance, and such things as demolition of dangerous buildings and right-of-way clearance.



(816) 513-0819

City Hall, First Floor
414 E. 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106


Vendor Registration and Procurement Overview

If you are wanting to do business with the City of Kansas City, there are a few steps you will need to take to get your business ready. Here’s how the process works:

Register for a Business License with the City of Kansas City
Learn About What the City Buys
Complete a Vendor Application
Find and Respond to Bid Opportunities
Certify Your Business

Register for a Business License with the City of Kansas City

In order to DO BUSINESS with the City of Kansas City, your business will need to obtain a business license with the City of Kansas City.

Use the QuickTax system for online business license registration. If you have questions about the QuickTax system or more specific Business License questions, you should call (816) 513-1120 (Press 3).

You must renew your business license every year: Renew after January 1st but by the last day of February to avoid penalty. You will have to report your gross receipts for the previous year when you renew your license.


Learn About What the City Buys

Make sure that the City buys what your business sells by getting in touch with the right buyer at Procurement Services.

The city provides a complete listing of assigned City staff and the commodities and services the City Purchases.

Go to Procurement Staff Directory

Complete a Vendor Application

Downloand and complete the Vendor Application Form. Return the completed application form to Procurement Services by email or in-person.

Idenfiy Your Industry Codes

NAICS and NIGP Codes are numbers that classify what type of business you operate.

What they are.
Industry codes, such as NAICS and NIGP codes, are numbers that describe what your business does. For example, if your business is a barber shop, then your NAICS code is 812111 and your NIGP code is 95210.

Why you need them.
It is important to correctly identify which industry codes apply to your business. Cities and other governments use industry codes for things like taxation and licensing. You will likely encounter many government forms that require an industry code as your run your business.

The Federal Government and the City of Kansas City uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code to classify businesses. The City of Kansas City uses National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) codes to classify its vendors. You will have to select the NIGP codes for your business when you register your business with the City.

How to identify them.
You can determine your NAICS and NIGP codes in just a few clicks with the City’s Industry Code Search. Select up to three codes that most accurately describe what your business does.

Get a DUNS Number

A DUNS number is a unique identifier for your business. You’ll need to provide your business’s DUNS number before you can bid on City contracts.

What it is.
DUNS numbers are issued by a private company, Dun & Bradstreet. When you request a DUNS number, Dun & Bradstreet starts a record for your business that is similar to a credit report.

Why your business needs one.
Cities, banks, and other businesses may use the information maintained by Dun & Bradstreet to help them decide whether to work with you.

How to get one.
You can get a DUNS number for free by going to the Dun & Bradstreet Website.


Find and Respond to Bid Opportunities

City of Kansas City Bid/RFP Notification Apps

iOS users – go to App Search and type in KCMO Online Contract Ad search.

Android users – go to Play Store, click Apps, type in KCMO online contract ad search.

Invitations for Bid (IFBs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs)

IFBs and RFPs are issued through the Online Contract Advertising System (select from the drop down box to find different types of bidding opportunities).

Access Construction Projects

The KC Plan Room

The Kansas City Plan Room gives you direct access to plans and specifications for City projects that are available for bidding. Create an account at KCMO Plan Room for information about City Departments, Economic Development Council, KC Streetcar and Kansas City Zoo construction projects.

If you would like to know more about new bidding opportunities, follow us on Twitter@KCMOProcurement.


Certify Your Business

Minority, Women, Disadvantaged Business Certification Workshops

There are free monthly pre-certification workshops conducted by the Procurement Services Division and Human Relations Department that cover MBE/WBE/SLBE certification and supplier registration. The MWDBE certification workshop is held on the last Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m.

Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Certification Workshop

The SLBE certification workshop is held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. Workshops are currently being held virtually. For more information, please call (816) 513-1836.

To register online for MWDBE or SLBE certification application, go to the MWDBE Directory, click on Login (right side) to apply online. Existing MWDBE and SLBE’s can renew their certification as well once an account has been set up.