Become a Certified Vendor in Kansas City

Minority, Women, & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE), Small & Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Get to Know Certification

What is Certification?

The Civil Rights & Equal Opportunity (CREO)’s Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) and Small and Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) programs are designed to grow KCMO’s local business ecosystem by encouraging historically disadvantaged groups to participate in contracting opportunities. On all City projects above a certain dollar amount, the CREO assigns goals for the participation of certified minority and women-owned businesses. City departments and contractors work together to meet these goals.

Advantages of Certification

Besides facilitating better access to the City contracting process, MWDBE offers the following advantages:

  • MWDBE Certification is accepted by the following entities: Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Mid-American Minority Business Development Council, the KCMO School District, Kansas City Area Transit Authority, Missouri Regional Certification Council (MRCC), University of Missouri Systems, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Kansas Department of Transportation, and Missouri Department of Transportation.
  • Certified firms are listed in the City’s MWDBE Directory. Potential clients and customers can search for certified firms by name, type of business, type of ownership or certification code, or view the full list of contractors by leaving all search fields blank.
  • Certified firms receive regional electronic notification of contract opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs.

Registered Vendor Certification in KCMO

1. Confirm Vendor Registration

Your business must be an existing vendor with the City's procurement division before applying for Certification. Please ensure you have properly registered as a vendor with the City prior to completing the following steps.

2. Meet Eligibility Requirements:

  • At least 51%-owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s) who also control it.
  • The owner is a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Meet the Small Business Administration (SBA) Size Standards for its industry classifications.
  • Organized as a for-profit business with state, federal, and local regulators for at least six months before they applying.
  • Personal Net Worth (PNW) of less than $1,320,000, excluding the value of the home and ownership interest in the business.
  • SLBE only: Principal place of business must be within the seven-county Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area (KCMSA) (i.e., Cass, Clay, Johnson, Jackson, Platte, Wyandotte, and Leavenworth)

3. Collect Mandatory Documentation:

  • Certification Affidavit (MBE/WBE)
  • Personal Net Worth Affidavit
  • Personal Net Worth Financial Statement
  • KCMO Business License for current year
  • Personal Federal Tax Returns (previous 3 years for owner)
  • Bank Authorization / Signatory Cards
  • Documented proof of transfer of assets
  • Documented proof of ownership contributions
  • Schedule of salaries (+ current copy of employee payroll)
  • Signed loan and security agreements, and bonding forms
  • Company History & Information Sheet
  • Copies of current contracts or invoices
  • Descriptions of all real estate owned/leased
  • Job descriptions - key personnel and owners
  • List all employees, job titles, and dates of employment
  • List of all equipment, vehicles leased/owned (VIN, title, insurance)
  • Business Cards for Owners
  • ID of all non-disadvantaged owners
  • Audited financial statement
  • Company website printout
  • MWDBE: Documentation of Minority/Woman Status - 2 forms ID

4. Complete Application Process:

It is very important to submit all supporting documentation promptly to ensure a quick decision.  Once you submit all required paperwork, and staff performs an onsite field audit, the committee will issue a certification decision within 90 days for new certifications and 35 days for renewals.

Consult the FAQ page or call (816) 513-1836 with questions.