Start Your Business

Interested in starting a business in Kansas City, MO? This guide will help you formalize your business for legal and taxation purposes.

The following are cards for Start Your Business

Plan Your Business
Learn about business plans, market research, and other important steps you’ll need to take when starting a business.
Set Up Your Business
Consult with a legal professional and accountant to choose a legal structure for your business, register with the Missouri Secretary of State, and obtain an EIN.
Stay on Top of Tax Requirements
Ensure you are meeting any Federal, State, or Local tax requirements for your business.
Meet Employer Requirements
Learn about requirements related to hiring employees for your business.
Prepare Your Business Location
Ensure any new construction or renovation related to your business location complies with local laws.
Obtain a KCMO Business License
Learn about certain requirements for all businesses, and other requirements related to specific industries.
Obtain Required Permits and Registrations
Find out if your type of business has required permits and registrations.
Get Your Business Insured and Bonded
Learn more about protecting your business from unexpected costs. This step is recommended but not required.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to serve as a reference document and in no way attempts to provide all of the information necessary to start a business in the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Potential business owners should seek the advice of an attorney and/or accountant before conducting any business activity.