Guide to Working with KCMO

Want to do business with the City? You've come to the right place.

The following are cards for Guide to Working with KCMO

Register for a Business License with the City of Kansas City
In order to work with Kansas City, your business must be registered and licensed unless State Law provides an exemption from licensing.
Learn about what the City Buys
Discover what kind of contracting opportunities are available for your business type.
Become a City Vendor
In order to work with Kansas City, you must submit a request to become a vendor.
Show Your Skills
It’s important to separate your business from the competition and highlight what makes you special.
Learn about and Respond to Bids and Opportunities
Learn about the Bid and RFP process and where to find opportunities for your business.
Do Your Homework
Before you submit a bid, make sure you have done your homework and met with the right people.
Explore Partnering and Subcontracting
Becoming a subcontractor can help you experience what it’s like to work on a government contract.
Perform Work and Get Paid
Ensure you know how to correctly perform the required work and invoice the City.