Perform Work and Get Paid

Ensure you know how to correctly perform the required work and invoice the City.

Learn about the Decision Period

Why is there a decision period?

It can sometimes take longer than anticipated for the City to review a bid. 

How should you handle the decision period?

Be careful about how and when you ask questions during this period. Make sure any inquiries are directed to the bid contact only. Reaching out to an agency contact could disqualify you from winning the contract.

Get Ready to Do the Work

How can you get ready?

Use the waiting period to plan for a successful project. If the contract will require you to hire additional staff, rent equipment, or order materials, take this time to plan your strategy for meeting those deadlines.

Plan for Your Launch

How should you prepare for launch?

If you receive notice of an award, reach out to the bid contact and plan a meeting to address any immediate first steps.

Your bid proposal may have included a project plan that detailed the first steps to follow upon award. If you have committed to preliminary events like a kickoff meeting, make sure your required documents and materials are ready to go.

Stick to your project schedule and utilize a budget tool to help you stay on track.

I Lost a Bid. What’s Next?

What to do if you lose a bid

Don’t be discouraged if you lose a contract or bid. The bid process is a great learning experience, and your business is now a known entity to City agencies and potential partners.

Requesting a formal debrief from the procurement team is a great way to receive feedback on your submission.