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Learn about how the City works with Vendors

What types of contracts does the City engage in?

The City welcomes the opportunity to work with contractors, services, suppliers, and vendors. The Procurement Services Division issues Service Contracts, Design Professional Contracts, Small Construction Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, Facility Repair, Commodity, and Small Local Business Enterprise contracts.

Formerly known as "Purchasing and Supplies," the Procurement Services Division now includes two distinct groups working together to provide City departments with best-in-class procurement services. The division procures a wide range of commodities, services, construction and related services for capital improvements, facilities, repair and maintenance, and such things as demolition of dangerous buildings and right-of-way clearance.

Why does the City contract with businesses?

The City contracts with businesses to perform necessary work for the community. The procurement process is designed to be fair and equitable while maintaining reasonable costs to City taxpayers.  

How can you find opportunities?

You can view current contracting opportunities using the KC Citywide Contracts Database.